Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Before and After Hand-Tied Extensions

Hey Beauties, 

Hair extensions can offer great versatility when it comes to styling your hair. Not only do hair extensions offer a confidence boost, but they also allow you to change up your hair and experiment with different lengths and colors.

There are various methods when it comes to hair extension application. Truella Beauty Bar specializes in the hand-tied extension method.  

I studied and completed a certification learning the Habit hand tied method under Hair by Chrissy.  

After completing this method I teamed up with a Fabulous hairstylist Stephanie Calabrese to make sure that the extension color and the clients hair is blended to perfection.

Hand-tied extensions represent a process where micro-beads are attached to the row of natural hair. Then, thin wefts of hair are hand-tied together using two strings. These wefts are carefully sewn into the beaded row. Since the wefts are made to be lightweight, there is no unnecessary tension on the scalp or the natural hair. Additionally, the use of beads and the sewing process ensure that the weight of the extensions is distributed evenly. Making hand-tied extensions the perfect solution for natural-looking, voluminous hair with added length.

In order to determine if you are a candidate for hand tied extensions you must have a consult. Consultations will also help define the style that fits your budget and goals. Initial installation of extensions includes the cost of hair used, installation, custom hair color, and a cut used to blend extensions into your natural hair.

How long the extensions last will depend on the way you style your hair and how fast your hair grows. As your natural hair grows, appointments are scheduled every 6 to 8 weeks to move and readjust them. The extensions can last anywhere from 8 months to one year. To make your extensions last as long as possible you should invest in a good hair-care routine that also will be offered at the beauty bar.

What makes hand-tied hair extensions so amazing, is the fact that you can wear your usual hairstyles. You can wear ponytails, buns, braids, and enjoy your new hair to the fullest.

Since hand-tied extensions don’t require any glue, they won’t unnecessarily damage your hair and the removal process is pain-free without any glue residue. If you are looking for hair extensions that will help you achieve your dream hair, without the weigh-down or extreme damage, hand-tied hair extensions are great choice for you.

Contact Truella Beauty Bar today for a consult!!!! 845-393-5050 or Email Truellabeautybar@gmail.com



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