Truella Beauty Bar

Hi Beauties, 

TRUELLA BEAUTY BAR combines experience and innovation to offer the best possible service you can’t wait to come back to. The beauty industry is constantly evolving, and Truella Beauty Bar always offers premium and up-to-date services.

Truella Beauty Bar was founded by Tara Pross, who is also the CEO of Truella. Tara has a lot of experience in the industry, which helped her create a company that is able to help numerous women feel beautiful.  Tara founded Truella Beauty Bar with a goal to help women feel beautiful from the  inside and out.

What will you find at our Beauty Bar ………………….

  • Customized Hand Tied Extensions
  • Customized Clip in Extensions 
  • Blow-outs 
  • Makeup application
  • Reusable  Faux Eyelash Application 
  • Hair & Makeup Styles for Events 
  • Hair Loss Solutions 
  • Fairy Hair 
  • Color,Cut and Style 
  • Beauty Tools

Whats new at the BEAUTY BAR…………

Welcome all my Hair Loss Beauties 

Whether you suffer from hair loss, or just want to make your hair appear fuller, professionals at Truella Beauty Bar will help you achieve your hair dreams. There are numerous types of hair replacement offered at the bar. Therefore, there is something for everyone. The Mesh Integration System allows the hair beneath to continue growing undisturbed. This solution is great for different types of hair loss and can be customized to fit certain styles and appearances of hair. Hair extensions are used in various ways and are great for experimenting with hair lengths. Please reach out to the beauty bar for more information on the Mesh Integration system. Truella Beauty bar also provides  help for our guys. We also provide male hair replacement services. Truella offers a reliable and undetectable system for male hair loss. Hair replacement systems require care to look they’re best for as long as possible. Truella offers advice on how to maintain the hair systems, as well as check in appointments.

If you are struggling with hair loss please contact Tara today for a consult.

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