Sizing your Truella Lashes

NEW! Truella Lashes have a new rose gold compact case to store your reusable lashes! Our Truella Lashes come in a bunch of different styles and to properly wear them you should measure and cut the lashes to fit your eye. Heres how…

To start you will need your Truella Lashes of course, scissors, lash glue ( I personally love Duo Lash Glue), and your Truella Lash Tweezers.

Carefully peel your lashes out of their compact container and place to your eye to measure how wide they should be to fit. Next, trim the outer corner of the lash to the width of your eye. If you want a more dramatic fuller outer corner, trim the lash on the inner corner. The lashes should fit comfortably on your eye once trimmed. Hold your lashes with the Truella Lash Tweezers and add the glue. TIP: let the glue dry for 15-30 seconds before placing the lashes on your eye. This will allow the glue to get tacky and prevent the lashes from sliding out of place while applying. Using your Truella Lash Tweezers place the lashes on your eye making sure each corner is secure.

Now your lashes are properly trimmed, placed, and dry! When you are ready to take off your makeup don’t forget to gently remove your lashes and store them in their new rose gold container!

Check out my new video for step by step visuals for sizing your Truella Lashes!

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