Bring the spa home to you!

We could all use a relaxing spa day and I’m sure you’re all missing your estheticians and massage therapists a little extra right now! Since we can’t go to the spa, let’s bring the spa home to us. Here is how I enjoy an at home spa day..

First things first, get comfy. Put on your comfiest clothes and get ready to relax. I like to start with a hair mask. Coat your hair with your favorite hair mask, put it in a bun and let it soak up all of the benefits. Here are a few favs:



Ready for a facial? Pull out your favorite beauty products; cleanse, tone, and MASK. There are so many masks to choose from, mud masks, sheet masks, peel off masks and more. What is your favorite mask? I love mud masks that detox my skin:

Now, apply your favorite moisturizer, rinse your hair mask and relaaxxx…

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