Sun-kissed without the Sun

I’m not sure about you ladies but I cannot wait for some sunshine. It is definitely hard to look sun-kissed and fresh without the sun but here’s how…

Let’s talk about bronzer and self tanner. These are all tricks to achieve that bronzed look without the sun. There are a ton of self tanners out there to try and once you find one that works best for your skin, you’ll always be glowing. It is key to make sure the products you use are not too dark for your skin tone because it is important to keep it looking natural. No one should be able to tell that you have self-tanned. Same idea goes for bronzer. I know everyone LOVES a good bronzer but it is important to not over do it.

Soon enough the sun will be out and we can get our natural glow on, but remember sun can be damaging and self-tanners and bronzers are an amazing, safe alternative to keep an all year round glow.

Go get your tan on!


Truella Beauty Bar

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