The Natural Bold Brow..

Everyone is tired of those BOLD, overly fake looking brows, so lets get natural bold brows trending! The idea of filling in your brows is supposed to enhance your natural look and fill in sparse areas. So this means, people shouldn’t be able to notice that you filled in your brows…

To achieve natural bold brows follow these few steps.

  1. Brush your brows up and over. This will show you where you need to fill in the sparse areas and will create a clean define shape to get you started.
  2. Next, use a brow powder or pencil a shade lighter than your roots, to lightly outline your brows. Using a color a shade lighter than your root will keep your brows looking natural.
  3. After outlining, fill in any sparse areas starting near the tail and brining your way to the front of the brow. Lightly fill in the front with any excess product to keep it from looking too harsh.
  4. Use a brow gel to hold the brow hairs in place once you have created your desired look.


Truella Beauty Bar

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